Colonial Marines are the mainstays of the Viridian armed forces in Iskandria, veteran Colonial Marine Sergeants usually lead them, and roving snipers provide support.

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Colonial Marine Squads

Colonial Marines

Colonial marines are the staple of the Viridian Forces. Their hard suits are perfect protection for an urban environment, a lightweight combination of ballistic armour and hazard suit, proof against chemical and biological attacks as well as coraline infection. A sophisticated optics and communications package rounds out the new battle gear, greatly increasing the effectiveness and survivability of the common infantry soldier.

Colonial Marines
Colonial Marines Veterans  Marines in Greatcoat
Colonial Marines  Colonial Marines
Colonial Marines Veterans  Colonial Marines Veterans

Colonial Marine Sergeant

The backbone of the VAF, experienced line commanders are crucial to any operation. Their initiative and ability to make snap decisions in uncertain situations are invaluable in the field, and often their presence alone is enough to galvanize soldiers into action. In the chaotic street fighting of urban warfare many Sergeants favour large bore pistols for close up work.

Colonial Marines Sergeant  Colonial Marines Veteran Sergeant   Colonial Marines Veteran Sergeant  Colonial Marines Sergeant Heldin
Colonial Marines Veteran Sergeant  Colonial Marines Sergeant

Colonial Marine HGR

Colonial Marines armed with Heavy Gauss Rifles provide highly mobile light support to their squad mates. With enhanced close range anti personnel and armour piercing capabilities, their weapon can tip the balance in a variety of combat scenarios.

Marine Heavy Gauss Rifle Veteran  Marine Heavy Gauss Rifle

Colonial Marine Bazooka Team

Colonial Marine Bazooka Teams provide essential anti-armour support to their comrades. Equipped with bazooka rocket launchers that can destroy many heavily armoured vehicles or similar targets with a single well-placed shot, their inclusion in any strike force adds greatly to its battlefield capability.

Bazooka Team  Veteran Bazooka Team

Colonial Marine HMG Team

Viridian tactical doctrine places great emphasis on weapon teams, and Colonial Marine Heavy Machine Gun Teams are perhaps the most common variant in Iskandria. In the tight avenues and open lanes of fire present in the urban war zone the Viridians have adopted a heavy machine gun that combines the suppressive firepower of the bulkier mounted chaingun units with the lightweight portability of squad support guns. Viridian heavy machine guns (HMGs) are durable and easily maintained, and in battle they are extremely valuable support assets, boasting a very high volume of fire.

Veteran HMG Team  HMG Team

Colonial Marine Mortar Team

Colonial Mortar Teams provide invaluable supporting fire for their marine comrades. Long a favourite weapon in urban areas, the mortar is essentially a very light artillery piece, easily portable and operated, simple to maintain in hostile conditions, and very useful in destroying enemy infantry in the tight confines and bottlenecks common in the rubble-choked alleys and streets of a city combat zone. Like their HMG counterparts, these support teams greatly multiply the effectiveness of any force to which they are assigned.

Mortar Loader  Mortar Team

Sniper Squad


Death stalks the streets of Iskandria, silent, unseen, ever vigilant. The Viridian Sniper Teams are highly trained soldiers specialized in urban warfare, elite infiltrators often deployed far in advance of Viridian lines and capable of destroying key individuals in an enemy force at long range. On Kyklops the 71st Gorilla and 4th Lightning Tiger Sniper Companies have already earned a fearsome reputation as efficient killers, proving themselves perhaps more valuable than a full battalion of conventional soldiers.

Veteran Sniper  Sniper
Veteran Sniper  Veteran Sniper

Colonial Shock Marines

Fearsome indeed is the reputation of the Shock Marines, the VAF’s elite close combat infantry arm. Unfortunately very few Shock Marines were present on Kyklops at the time of the Incursion and Synthan invasion, but every last man of them has proven the equal of a platoon of regular troops. In Iskandria Shock Marines have been present in every major engagement, and they are never allowed to rest for long; being constantly shuffled to where the fighting is thickest. Amongst the IDF soldiery the Shock Marines enjoy a near-mythic status, tales of their exemplary valour and demonic ferocity are the coin of local legend.

Shock Marine Sergeant  Shock Marines
Shock Marine Sergeant  Shock Marine

Saurian Rider

The Struthiosaur and its kin are surprisingly useful mounts in an urban environment, manoeuvrable through difficult and tight terrain and capable of entering buildings and climbing stairs. Prior to the outbreak of hostilities on Kyklops, the small saurian corps of the VAF was used mainly for urban pacification and patrol, where their mounts allowed them to interact with crowds on a more intimate basis. Now the saurian corps operate most often as support sections alongside IDF infantry, their sturdy mounts making ideal platforms for heavy anti-personnel weapons.

Saurian Rider
Saurian Rider Heavy Gauss Rifle
Saurian Rider Veteran

Special Forces

Though few in number, the small teams of experienced elite infantry available to the Viridians on Kyklops have had a large impact. These Special Forces are experts in a variety of disciplines that have proven crucial in the current conflict, handling everything from troop training to covert ops. They are often employed in a leadership capacity, or reconnaissance missions into enemy held territory. During large campaigns the Special Forces are the spearhead of the assault, sowing confusion in the enemy area and capturing or destroying key strategic points.

Special Forces  Special Forces Sergeant Special Forces Veterans  Special Forces
Special Forces Sergeant

Urban Interdict

Augmenting the ever-swelling numbers of the Viridian volunteer army on Iskandria are companies of specialists, such as Shock Marines and Special Forces Commandos, which comprised part of the original garrison of the Viridian Quarter. Urban Assault Interdicts are such specialists, experienced soldiers trained for fast combat insertion behind enemy lines. Equipped with a sophisticated gravchute and rugged, shock-absorbing drop harness these soldiers most often arrive to the battlefield from the air, jumping from low-flying craft to open another front of fire against the enemy or strike weak points to their rear. This versatility makes them ideal for deep strikes, search and rescue, and interdiction and disruption missions.

Urban Interdict
Urban Interdict  Urban Interdict

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