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Shiva  Devi


The most common pure form of Koralon are the Brood, a simple, snake-like organism thought by scientists to be a close representation of the original form of the Koralon species. Brood seem to comprise a numerous labouring class within Koralon society, and fulfil a wide range of tasks. Those intended for war are larger and more resilient than their servile kin, better able to operate on land for long periods of time, and their limbs are augmented with scything blades and bony protective plates of coraline. Brood are often the first to burst forth from warp portals, closing quickly with the surprised enemy.

Brood Leader  Brood


It is conjectured that Koralon social hierarchy tells the story of Koralon evolution, that the greater complexity and intelligence found in successive castes mirrors the past development stages of the aliens' refinement of coraline based biological manipulation. Larvans are observably more intelligent and sophisticated than Brood, and in combat they are often deployed to take advantage of their initiative and cunning. They posses an extra set of limbs with which they can manipulate objects, and are often led by individuals wielding deadly neutron staffs.

Larvan Higher Caste  Larvan Leader mit Neutronenstab   Larvan


Broodmasters are the warlords of the Koralon hordes, alongside Phazons they are always at the forefront of any invasion, whether controlling and directing attacks or spearheading assaults. Heavily armoured they are fearsome close combat opponents, and they exercise a powerful controlling influence over their inferiors.

Broodmaster  Broodmaster


Phazons are the navigators of the Koralon fleet, and often play a leading role on the battlefield. Similar in form to Larvans, these masters of an alien science are able to channel potent energies through Phasing Staffs, producing startling gravitic effects and apparently warping space itself. Along with Broodmasters, Phazons are invariably present in major Koralon incursions, directing operations and creating the much-feared warp portals that appear core to Koralon tactics.

Phazon  Phazon


A nightmare tangle of crab-like claws and scything limbs, the Reaper is a dangerous opponent in close combat. Reapers are the most primitive of hybrids, and are apparently the result of simple coraline infection. Though many do not survive the transformation, the populations of entire colonies, even worlds, have been twisted into such hideous forms. Vicious, almost mindless, hordes of Reapers often form the vanguard of a Koralon force, scuttling madly forward to swarm enemy positions. Once human, they are now little more than disposable threshing machines.

Reaper Hybriden
Reaper Hybriden
Reaper Hybriden


Stingers, like all hybrids, seem to be the result of coraline infection of a host body, probably by spores released from the Koralon seeder ships. Gruesomely elongated tracheas project from their misshapen mouths, spitting forth needle-like splinters of hard resinous material. Reports from conflict zones suggest that their numbers are increasing, leading to conjecture that they may be a Koralon response to superior human firepower.

Stinger Hybriden


With leathery bat like wings and warped and twisted bodies, Harpikon hybrids are distorted out of almost any resemblance to man. Incapable of true flight, they can make short swooping glides, and on the ground move with an awkward hopping gait. These creatures are less erratic than Reapers or Stingers, and appear to have at least rudimentary intelligence. They usually attack by clawing with steel hard talons, though there are reported instances of creatures able to spit corrosive venom to startling distances.



Hydras are large worm like hybrids that sprout a writhing cluster of barely recognisable human heads. At either end of their tubular bodies are rings of grinding teeth, from which flick barbed tongue like appendages. Utterly mindless, they are highly aggressive and appear largely impervious to pain or injury. Itís thought that these creatures are the unnatural result of an extreme form of coraline spore mutation, though some scientists speculate that they are the result of terrible biological engineering by the Koralon.
Hydras spend most of the time underground. They inhabit networks of underground tunnels, and emerge only to rend and consume prey, or when summoned by their Koralon masters. Areas of Hydra infestation can be detected on the surface by the debris filled holes, or Ďventsí, that they habitually use as access points. Needless to say, approaching such a vent can be extremely hazardous.



The Breeder is a blasphemy against the human form, little more than a swollen birthing sack topped by an atrophied torso and shrunken limbs; its probing, insect like legs barely adequate to propel its awkward mass. With piercing shrieks of pain it announces the birth of its unnatural spawn, the Skull Swarms, embryonic creatures with disturbingly human features. The Breeder continually produces these swarms, which in battle surge forward in locust-like clumps, sowing confusion amongst the enemy.


Skull Swarms

Breeders produce a constant stream of Skull Swarms. These scuttling masses of small multi legged hybrids are so called because they resemble nothing so much as a deformed human skull on legs. Unless in huge numbers, the creatures pose little physical threat to any but the smallest of creatures; stamping or squashing easily destroys them. However their mobbing attacks are extremely distracting, so they can pose a subtle threat on the battlefield.

Skull Swarm

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