Secutor gladiators form the backbone of the hastily scraped together Junker forces in Iskandria. They are usually led by combat-hardened Amazonia Decurions. Retiarii, Myrmillos and a range of other units provide support. In addition it is quite common for Gladiator forces to receive support from any Legion forces that may be in the vicinity.

Metropolis Characters

Avicea  Rhiannon  Brennus

Secutor Squad


The basic gladiator, many arena fighters begin their career as Secutors. Armed with a trio of shield, blade, and shotgun these fighters are generally not expected to achieve spectacular feats in the games, rather, they are expected to die at the hands of more impressive warrior specimens.

Secutor  Secutor
Veteran Secutor  Veteran Myrmillo und Secutor

Amazonia Decurion

At first a curiosity, the women warriors of the Great Arena have proven themselves every bit as competent as their male counterparts. Indeed perhaps more so, as the few stables specializing in Amazonia fighters have trained these gladiators for team fighting events, greatly increasing their effectiveness in the games as well as making them the natural choice for leadership roles in the new game of urban warfare.

Amazonia Decurion
Amazonia Decurion  Veteran Amazonia Decurion

Retiarius Squad


The nimble Retiarii are a crowd favorite in the Great Arena, and many a famous warrior has made their name with the flashy and elaborate fighting style of the Retiarius. Relying on speed and guile, the Retiarius first nets their opponent, entangling them in a microfilament web launched from their wrist, and then administers an electric surge from their long and lethal shock lance.

Retiarius  Retiarius  Retiarius


Arena combat often devolves into insane butchery, and while all gladiators love to fight, none love to kill quite so much as the Myrmillo. Lopsided encounters between these flamethrower wielding psychopaths and teams of conventional gladiators are much loved by the braying masses, as are the gruesome public executions that are the Myrmillo’s stock in trade.

Veteran Myrmillo  Myrmillo  Myrmillo

Exo-Suit Squad

Provocator Exo-Suit

Crowds flock to witness the lumbering duels of exo-armoured gladiators; such rare events are cause for much excitement and heavy betting. Called ‘Provocators,’ few stables have the resources to maintain these battlesuits or train the men who pilot them. Based on exo-suit technology, the Provocator suit is a larger and somewhat less complex design, but each suit is a unique and storied piece of hardware, lovingly embellished in bronze and bedecked with trophies. In the absence of heavy weapon systems the Junker authorities have turned to these battlesuits to provide needed support for the gladiator teams operating it the neutral zone.

Provocator Exo Suit Chaingun  Provocator Exo Suit  Provocator Exo Suit Flamer

Pit Beast

The insanity of combat in the Great Arena cannot be overstated, and any and all novelties have at one time made their debut on its fighting floor. Wild beast shows have always been a favourite, and over the years certain breeds of imported beast have been manipulated and trained to fight against any opponent.
Many of these beasts have attained levels of celebrity alongside the greatest masters of the games, and handlers who can produce such combatants are in high demand. These vicious creatures are never far from erupting into a frenzied rage, being kept in check only by their handlers. They are often terribly mutilated and augmented by crude cybernetic devices.

Pit Beast  Pit Beast

Greater Pit Beast

The Greater Pit Beast is larger and more fearsome than its smaller relative, though it shares its erratic and aggressive nature.

Greater Pit Beast

Vulcan Gladiator

In the boundless depravity of the games ever escalating levels of violence are just another way to pack the seats of the Great Arena, and the meeting of high explosives and human flesh is a sure recipe for an evening’s entertainment. Portions of many gladiator shows are often reserved for various displays of detonation, from explosive executions to bomb-flinging duels between teams of Vulcans. These specialists in the ‘art of boom’ have proven valuable adjuncts in Iskandrian warfare, where their skill with the thrown grenade and their love of destruction has made them valuable support soldiers for the Gladiator legions.

Vulcan Grenadier Veteran  Vulcan Grenadiers

Taurian Howitzer Team

As the war for the Iskandrian neutral zones intensifies, larger weapons are necessary to support the forces being committed in ever-growing numbers by each of the Great Powers. As the Junkers expand into the free city they often use field howitzers to provide support and suppress enemy movements.
Heavy and unwieldy as they are these weapons are manned only by the strongest Gladiators; often Secutors reassigned from other stables, but also those who operated the heavy equipment and gimmick weaponry of the Great Arena. For this reason field howitzer crews are nicknamed Taurians for their bull-like strength.

Taurian Howitzer

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