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Heresy Miniatures Troopers

Catalog picture from Heresy Website

Who did it?
The troopers are from Heresy Miniatures ltd. from Derby in the UK.
Owner of this one-man-show is Andy Foster. Heresy just celebrated its 10th birthday in 2012 and has a nice range of Fantasy and Science-Fiction miniatures.
Andy has embraced the internet and his sculpting adventures can be followed on Facebook, Twitter or his own Forum of Doom.

Why do I want this?
I have bought a few miniatures from Heresy over the past few years and I was never disappointed by the quality of the miniatures or the service provided. The troopers have the right mix of Aliens/Starship Troopers/Firefly vibes to make me like them.
They look as if they will be kind to my rather average painting skills and I think, they will be a good addition to the mix of minis I already own.

What's in the box?
The Heresy troopers follow a standard equipment pattern. They all wear body armour with shoulder pads over a jumpsuit plus forearm guards and kneepads. All carry a belt with various pouches and a holstered sidearm as well as a small backpack. Everyone has a sturdy looking assault rifle with a mounted scope.
All troopers come in two helmet variants. First is an open helmet with a chinstrap/microphone array plus glasses and the second is fully enclosed with a visor.
At the moment, you can get two troopers with either a LMG or a flamer as heavy support.
Since most models are multi-part, there is also a conversion pack with extra arms, a powered fist, pistols, a chainsword as well as extra heads with a skull-mask and a beret to customize your models further.

Finished Troopers

Assembly line
All parts are metal. The casts are very clean with just minor mould lines and next to no flash, which means, the troopers are cleaned up to take some primer in no time.
The multi-part troopers will need the arms and head glued to the body. The hands are sculpted on the rifles, but all bodies can fit all arms, so even with multiple models of the same body, you can arrange the arms without them all looking like clones. You can also vary the position of the head and choose from two different helmets.
Add the conversion pack, and you get even more choices to customize your troops. All parts fit together well without pinning, but I usually pin the arms anyway, because gaming pieces will have to be able to withstand a bit more abuse than mere showcase models.

From left to right: Closed Helmet, Body with Powerfist, Chainsword and Sergeant head from the conversion pack, kneeling Trooper with leader arms, Heavy Weapon Trooper

Size matters
Unfortunately tabletopgaming doesn't follow the same strict guidelines as model kits when it comes to size. For example a kit in 1/48 is 48 times smaller than the original, so there isn't much of an argument if some part has the right size or not.
The popular 28mm wargaming "scale" is totally different. As far as I'm aware, it started as 25mm for a lot of historical ranges. Then GW made 28mm popular with Warhammer in the 80s. Recently sculptors called their models 30, 32 or even 35mm. Throw in scale-variants like "heroic" or "true" and add measurements from feet to head or feet to eyes with integral bases or without and you can't really say, how big the "28mm" miniature you want to buy will be compared to other "28mm" miniatures you already own.
As you can see, the Troopers will fit with a lot of other metal ranges, while the pre-painted-plastic ranges might be a bit on the large side.

The Price to Pay
The Heresy store offers the troopers in packs of three at 10 GBP, which is about 12,30 EUR at the moment. The heavy weapon troopers are 7 GBP (8,65 EUR) each. A random 10 trooper pack is offered for 25 GBP and includes a conversion pack with extra arms, weapons and heads. 25 GBP are roughly 31 EUR.
How does this compare to the competition? GW sells its 3-model-metal-blisters for 13,75 EUR with a reputation of not being the cheapest outfit. Other miniature businesses seem to charge between 2,50 and 5 GBP per rank and file figure and well above for characters. I know, there are cheaper models out there, but you can also pay much more for single minis, so IMO the complete package of price, casting quality and multi-part options is a good deal for Heresy's metal miniatures.

Leftovers for your bitz box - extra heads, arms an weapons

The minis were easy to clean up and prepare, were fun to paint and look good on my table. I'm happy with my purchase and can only recommend the Heresy troopers.
There is talk, that the troopers might be re-made in plastic as a Kickstarter project. I'm pretty sure, I'd buy such a box and will be happy to review it as well, so watch this space for updates.

A thin line of troopers defends the base against a horde of aliens. Lets hope, the "bug fence" has enough battery power left to hold the line...


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