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Statuesque Resistance Fighters

Catalog picture from Statuesque Website

Who did it?
These lovely ladies are from Statuesque Miniatures from the UK.
Owner of this one-man-show is Andrew Rae. The miniatures are sculpted digitally.
The resistance ladies are part of a whole series of miniatures, with officers and special weapons as well as additional heads and weapon sprues for conversions.

Why do I want this?
Sometimes, you see an announcement of new models and simply decide to buy them, just because you like the look and style of the sculpts. This was the case with these miniatures.
While the overall appearance gives the resistance fighters a nice retro look, they are in no way accurate historical minis. They look more like something a fashion designer would come up with, if he would be tasked with organising a show with a 40's military theme. This impression is even stronger, as the sculpts are all tall, slender and with long legs, so they look more like supermodel casting show contestants than actual soldiers.
However, this seems to be fully intended and does in no way harm the final product. The girls all look like extras in a 60's spy-movie - which drew my eyes to them in the first place.

What's in the box?
You get four bodies with separate head and weapon pieces. I also bought the helmeted heads sprue to give the minis more of a military look. All parts are metal.
The fighters are clad in military boots, tight-fitting pants and a military style jacket. They all carry a sub machine gun and have a sidearm as well as additional ammo pouches. The headgear includes goggles, berets and caps. All heads are interchangeable between the miniatures and you can get additional head sprues for even more variety.

Resistance Fighters

Assembly line
Assembling the models is fast and painless. The casts are very clean with next to no mould lines and no flash.
The resistance fighters come in three pieces each: Body, weapon and head. The weapon stock is attached to the body and the hands are moulded onto the weapon. The Hands fit into the holes of the sleeves and the stock gives you an extra area to apply glue, so the parts fit well without a pin. This layout means that you can't change the position of the weapon. Statuesque offers additional weapons and heads that will be compatible with its models. The head is posable, so a squad will look slightly different, even if you have multiples of the same miniature.
Add the conversion packs, and you get even more choices to customize your troops.

Size matters
Statuesque announces their models as "approximately 32mm tall unposed".
Unfortunately tabletopgaming doesn't follow the same strict guidelines as model kits when it comes to size. For example a kit in 1/48 is 48 times smaller than the original, so there isn't much of an argument if some part has the right size or not.
The popular 28mm wargaming "scale" seems to cover a bracket from 25mm to 30, 32 or even 35mm. Throw in variants like "heroic" or "true" and add measurements from feet to head or feet to eyes with integral bases or without and you can't really say, how big the "28mm" miniature you want to buy will be compared to other "28mm" miniatures you already own.
As you can see, the Resistance ladies are slightly taller than traditional 28mm ranges, while still smaller than some pre-painted-plastic ranges. Unfortunately I don't own any Dust models, so I can't say if they would fit into the game in size as well as in style.

The Price to Pay
Statuesque offers the troopers in packs of four at 11 GBP, which is about 12,90 EUR at the moment. The heavy weapon troopers are 4,75 GBP (5,60 EUR) each and a pack with two resistance Cell officers is 9 GBP (10,55 EUR). Statuesque usually offers discounts if you order 2 or 3 sets of the same miniature in one purchase.
The prices are in the usual "Boutique Manufacturer" bracket and if you are purchasing multiple sets of the same packs, you can even save a little money. Overall, you get a good deal for quality casts and lovely models.

Resistance girls and a Molot walker from Rakham's AT-43 Red Bloc range

The minis were easy to clean up, prepare and paint. I'm sure I will get a few more of these lovely ladies to bulk out the force a bit. As you can see in the picture, they go along well with Rackham's AT-43 Red Bloc walkers, so the future might see them join forces for a bit of Weird War campaigning...


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